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About us

We here at Securour don’t just cover the essential basics of training personnel, we try to inculcate in them the appropriate behaviour the profession demands as well. Such as how to interact with the clients and person of interest as well. We provide our team with high quality training such that they will be able to handle any situation-risky or otherwise, in a cool composed manner. We have instilled in our employees a standard of working- may it be contacting emergency service such as the Police or Hospital, searching cars or frisking person of interest or even documenting as per requirements set by the client, our team will be able to do it all in a standard professional way as the job demands. We train our teams to be proficient in computer usage as well in order to make them efficient in handling today’s security technologies such as for CCTV surveillance, access control systems, cameras, metal detectors and walkie talkies. Securour has now established its presence in cities like Hyderabad, Kochi, Chennai and Bangalore. Majority of our officers hold various certifications as instructors in area such as guard training, tactics, first aid and loss prevention. We are a team of professionals highly experienced in security and managed by senior ex-defence officers. We have mandatory registrations with Police Department and we strongly believe in strict compliance of statutory requirements. This strategic combination of expertise along with experience has enabled us to mark our presence throughout India.